The plant


We have an adequate production plant to assure top quality product throughout the whole year.

Our group offers a competitive advantage in the fact that we have our own growers, that way we can offer attractive prices that will create stable and successful business with our partners and clients as well.

Our production plant is designed with a surface area of 4200m² with cutting-edge technology and efficient modern equipment.

We are equipped with a modern production line for the efficient management of products with high standard of safety that assure the quality that our clients required.

With the production capacity of 7 tons daily vacuum packaged in plastics bags in a cleaned -room because of which we have a capacity for monthly sales equivalent to 168 tons of avocado pulp or guacamole.

We have a modern laboratory ready willing and able to investigate new products and keep us at vanguard of food technology and engineering, offering in this way an ideal product for fresh consumption keeping its nutrients, flavor and consistency.

The guacamole will keep its physical and chemical properties for 5 days if refrigerated and for 12 months if frozen.


 Strategic location 

The processing plant is located in Nayarit, a state that borders the states of Jalisco and Michoacán, a strategic point near where the principal producers of avocado are concentrated in this country.